Become an Expert in Color Theory and Color Mixing

Expand Your Art Knowledge: Understanding the Color Wheel with Color Theory Made Really Easy

Beginner  artists are always asking for more instruction and painting methods surrounding color, which is not surprising considering how crucial color, the color wheel, and mixing colors are to a successful work of art. That’s why I’ve pulled together three top color resources on the market right now and what they can do for you!

Expand Your Art Knowledge: Understanding the Color Wheel with Color Theory Made Really Easy


Color Theory Made Really Easy is the one-of-a-kind resource for conquering color! It’s a 60-day course that you take in the comfort and familiarity of your own home, which is great for me because I am able to master color theory on my own timeline. What lured me to this way of learning was the focus on how to mix colors that aren’t muddy, which is something I feel like I do time and time again! And you’ll find the attention instructor Sandra Angelo pays to teaching the “secret” formulas that the Old Masters might have once used is really appealing. It sealed the deal for me and is definitely worth the investment of time and money because the payoff is so huge and important to the development of my art!


Discovering What Your Art Colors Can Do with Color Mixology


Learning how to see and mix colors is crucial. But there are so many color schemes out there, and the color wheel has so many variations that I can start to feel overwhelmed. But Color Mixology is a video download that is really hands-on. I get a sense of the practical aspects of color and, more importantly, how to manipulate the characteristics of color so that when I look at my composition, I know how to mix colors that will get it up on my canvas!


PowerColor: What Every Artist Needs to Know About Mixing Colors


You know how there are some resources that you never let out of your sight in the studio? For me, PowerColor is definitely in that category. From basic color theory to knowing how to create a color mixing chart to more complicated color mixing, it is a book that has it all. Covering optics and physics as well as how to mix colors successful and without waste, to pigment properties and even demonstrations from established artists, I feel like ‘comprehensive’ is the best way to describe it, but ‘top-notch’ works too!


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